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i can’t believe your hips would just lie to me like that

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*comes to meet you at Starbucks 15 minutes late with Starbucks from another location*

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Did you forget to add an ice cream maker to your wedding registry? Or maybe you finally threw it out after not using it for so many years. Whatever the case, you have a serious homemade ice cream craving and machinery. Whatever will you do? Don’t give up and head to the freezer aisle. Instead, watch this week’s Mad Genius Tips video in which F&W Test Kitchen genius Justin Chapple reveals how to easily make ice cream at home with a Ziploc bag, a freezer and a food processor. Learn more essential cooking tricks by watching all of F&W’s Mad Genius Tips videos.


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Fuck these bitches

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the internet summed up in one gif set

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That first one drove me mad

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